Dr. Lily 賴冬妮


  • 美國自然療法醫學博士(#06406)
  • 美國自然療法醫師 (#80996)
  • 自然療法醫學會專業會員(ANMA)
  • 香薰治療師
  • 香港浸會大學基金資深會員
  1. 於2009年為港威有限公司創辦人,研發天然保健品
  2. 2009年聘請浸會大學為 Dr. Lily 作產品生物學研究
  3. 創立 Cellution 品牌一年,取得全港新星品牌15名列
  4. 研發覆方花卉水在螢光班馬魚作多巴胺前驅體先度研究
  5. 與浸會大學合作,2012年成功取得政府創新科技基金(Project Ref No.-UIM/203) 為香港第一間保健公司獲取殊榮
  6. Dr. Lily 研發之美白提肌產品在香港註名醫療連所店採用
  7. 香港著名健康雜誌(健康創富)專欄撰稿人
  8. 2014年嶄新脂肪酸降低乙型肝炎的生物化學研究
  9. 2015年聘請浸會大學為覆方脂肪酸作以下測試
    1. 酒精肝臟研究
    2. 毒素誘導的肝病
    3. 載脂蛋白Apo(B )對血栓塞研究
    4. 前列腺炎素1 (PGE1) 提升研究
    5. 促神經樹突再生(MAO)


  1. Founder of Konway - natural medicine health care company.
  2. Dr. Lily employed Hong Kong Baptist University in 2009 for the biological research on her health products.
  3. Founded the brand ‘Cellution’ on the first year, has ranked 15 in the Hong Kong Emerging Brand Awards.
  4. Developed flower water for the research of dopamine precursor in transgenic zebrafish.
  5. Cooperation with Hong Kong Baptist University, successfully obtained government innovation and Technology Fund in 2012 (Project Ref No.-UIM / 203). The Hong Kong's first health-care company to obtain such funding.
  6. Products developed by Dr. Lily are used by famous Hong Kong medical chain cooperation.
  7. Hong Kong famous health magazine (Health Plus) columnist (since 2011)
  8. Brand new essential fatty acid on the biological research of reducing the level of hepatitis B in 2014
  9. Cooperation with Hong Kong Baptist University in 2015 again
    1. study of Alcoholic hepatitis 
    2. toxin-induced liver disease
    3. Research on the thrombosis effect of Apolipoprotein B
    4. Research on increasing Prostaglandin 1 (PGE1)
    5. Promotion of nerve dendrites regeneration (MAO)